We're stoked to announce that we've added Music Band to the PGA fold. The Nashville-based trio recently released the #mostexcellent Can I Live via the Infinity Cat Cassette Series. This is one of the Music City's most fantastic and refreshing rock and roll acts. Seeing Music Band for the first time is like finding an extra pack of Pez in your center console and knowing that you can live. Catch Harry, Duncan and Lee on tour with Jeff the Brotherhood this fall!


Shredheads, rejoice! Here is a brand new Diarrhea Planet track, "Spooners," via the Adult Swim Single Series. Download it today and find DP out on the road this summer with Those Darlins!


"Weighs" is the new single off the new White Violet album, Stay Lost, which is out September 23rd on Normaltown Records. Here's what primary songwriter Nate Nelson had to say about the song at Consequence of Sound: "The track is about the impending doom of an anxiety attack. But from a familiar and experienced point of view. As if anxiety were an old high school friend that frequently shows up unannounced and eats all of your frozen pizzas."