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Missing Cats are: John "Jojo" Hermann / piano & vocals Sherman Ewing / acoustic guitar & vocals

Missing Cats features John "Jojo" Hermann, longtime keyboardist of Widespread Panic, and New York City-based singer-songwriter, Sherman Ewing. Playing with only a piano and acoustic guitar on stage, Hermann and Ewing combine the sounds of New Orleans boogie-woogie piano and raw emotive songwriting.

Jojo and Sherman met in New York City, and started playing the clubs in1983. Discovering they shared a passion for songwriting, the classmates formed Sherman and the Bureaucrats. Jojo moved to Mississippi in the late '80s and joined the Oxford based band, Beanland. Then in 1992, Jojo became a member of the Athens, GA band, Widespread Panic. Sherman continued to develop his singer/songwriter sound and guitar playing in various New York bands until 2002, when he launched his solo career.

After playing on and off together for 25 years, Jojo and Sherman officially reunited in 2006 to write new songs forming Missing Cats. Drawing material from Sherman's solo album, “Single Room Saloon” (2011), and Jojo's three solo efforts including, "Smiling Assassin" (2001, Fat Possum), Missing Cats toured for the first time in 2009 to tremendous response.

Armed with new material, the simple song writing acoustic duo will head back out for another tour this spring. In March, Jojo and Sherman will record the first Missing Cats record with Grammy Award winning producer Jon Randall Stewart. Jon has recorded with Emmy Lou Harris, Sam Bush, and Lyle Lovett. Jon also produced Grammy nominated Dierks Bentley’s acoustic-driven album, “Up on the Ridge”. Missing Cats are excited to capture their original, down- to-earth songs and bring this new music to fans in 2012.


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