Futurebirds - "Midnight"


From Oxford American: "'Midnight' is a song I've loved for a very long time," said singer Thomas Johnson. "My granddad gave me his copy of Modern Sounds Two about six years ago, and 'Midnight' is the song I always come back to. The track is so moody and groovy, which is the kind of thing we like to do anyway. We hope we did the song justice."

"Midnight," as performed by Futurebirds-track 24 on the Oxford American's Georgia Music Issue CD-is not just a melding of eras and genres. It also displays an intersection of geography, as Georgia's southwest region-which Charles, Bryant, and Atkins have all called home-meets the Futurebirds' base of Athens in the northeast."

Futurebirds take flight across the US at the end of January. Check out the dates here!