VIDEO: White Violet - "Weighs"

White Violet's Nate Nelson teamed up with his sister, Monica, to create the new video for "Weighs," a song that Consequence of Sound called a "calm and self-assured...dreamy blend of pop." Read below to hear the story behind the pair's quirky experiment with music television and be on the lookout for more from the Nelsons in the near future. Oh, yeah, White Violet is on the road this month!

Nate Says: "My sister, Monica Nelson, and I went out to Los Angeles with only a rough concept for the video," Nate Nelson explains. "Once we got into the warehouse space, all of the activities and scenes that are acted out in the video came together as we were filming. It was an incredible experience to be able to make a video with my sister and my best friend, Nick Light (Producer, ice-breaker)."

Monica Says: "The song 'Weighs' is about being stuck in your own head," Monica Nelson adds. "Shot in a controlled environment, the video for "Weighs" illustrates this idea. Nelson is seen running through a series of seemingly meaningless activities - holding a rock until its too heavy, boxing himself into a space - a visualization of the ways one deals with the over-complication of simple tasks and the inherent boredom that ensues. Inspired by the video works of conceptual artist Bruce Nauman (Bouncing two balls between the floor and ceiling with changing rhythm, 1967-78), both the video and song ​'​Weighs​'​ strip away the unnecessary and ask its audience to acknowledge and appreciate these in-between moments-which can be, at times, both sad and even a little funny."​